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About Us

Whispers2nite aims to draw the influencers from all fields of life under one roof in support for depression awareness and suicide prevention. According to the World Health Organization statistics, depressions is a major cause of suicide, around 800,000 people die each year by taking their own lives Worldwide. Out of every 100,000 people, more than 5 commit suicide in Pakistan alone, along with numerous levels of depression an individual goes through at every age without an outlet to cry out for help that can solve its problems.

Whispers2Nite will be Pakistan's first depression awareness and suicide prevention event and with the help of its partners in WaveStudio(Record Label, Production House, Magazine, event & talent management); Sophia Publications(Publication & Library); Integrative Wellness Partners(Medical Liaison service); Whispers2Reflections(Digital Media Publishing and Online Blog) & Intuitive Hub(Free MOOC Courses & Workshops) intend to eradicate the menace of depression and suicide by inviting the influencers of the country from Celebrities, Artists, Human rights activists, Government officials and professionals by creation nation-wide awareness in a night to remember.

General Information

The following business plan presents the business idea of group of HUB. 

Intuitive-Hub an online learning center with massive open online courses (MOOC) and theoretical/practical workshops provided for everyone to develop their skill level in education and businesses of all type. On the other hand, Wave-Studio is a tech-based production house subdivided into a record label, event management, artist representation and a talent agency. In addition, Whisper2Reflections a digital media production house providing SMM(Social Media Marketing) and SEO(Search Engine Optimization) services and an online blog for the largest unknown cause creating Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention in Pakistan. After laying the foundation in the USA, we are now executing our business line in Pakistan, with regional expansion plans for the future. 

Vision and Mission

We aim to make our HUB the leading organization in their respective industry by providing quality and commitment towards our associated personnel’s and organizations.

Company’s Objectives

Whisper2Reflections is looking to create social awareness regarding suicide prevention and depression awareness in Pakistan through blogs and Pakistan’s first Suicide Hotline and to yield down the current statistics of number of suicide committed in this part of the world.

Through IntuitiveHub we aim to create an educational environment and a comprehensive data base which is easily accessible and of highest quality for everyone to learn and excel.

WaveStudio is to establish an outlet that nurtures young talent, manages and enhances its skill and provides them with a platform to excel in their respective field of work relating to music and film.


Company Insight

Our platforms attract both male and female individuals of all ages, as not only some certain level of professionals can take part but the idea is to create a platform that is useful for all. In general we aim to cater individuals that are professionals of their own learning areas and will contribute their skills for the development of those who are interested in relevant activities. While the main target of the project is to focus on how people can deal with depression, the other platforms of the company will help them develop skills and knowledge which will be beneficial for their professional and personal development.


Company Incorporation Day

Brand Day

The company will provide a unique opportunity for the sponsors to make this event their own and not only on the venue but also over the social media. We would be marketing the particular brands from our platforms at the venue as well as social media platforms multiple times. In addition for the ones selecting premium and gold packages will be entertained with boost promotions on social media.

Passes and Invites

The Passes and Invitation Cards created by the company will be incorporating our sponsors of the event. Getting the part of display our Invitation Cards and Passes is yet another important way of marketing the product effectively.


Most of the Invites sent out by the company are to leading performing artists of the industry. In Collaboration with such media activists, a good marketing campaign will be designed. The list will be disclosed after the collaboration has been confirmed, such that no hype should hit the market.

Social Media

Regardless of what can be done from the Company official pages we also intend to create a good image of our partner through our active members on different social media platforms increasing the number of the outreach our partners can have.

More branding opportunities

Partners can distribute their logos and gifts if they want to. The cost to be bared by the partners however; we will entertain our distribution of samples as per partner preferences.

Stage promotion will also be done. By doing so the partner name will be reflected on our SMD’s throughout the event at multiple intervals. Furthermore, the partner company will be allowed to display their Standees as per their preferences.

Partners can also benefit from top leading Media Partner Coverage and can also display their logos on the side walls of the event area that will be entertained by the company.

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